Company Profile

David Barrow Productions has been serving the Austin and Central Texas area since 1988 with a variety of audio and visual production services, including live and studio engineering, sound system rentals, audio equipment rentals, remote digital recording of live events and audio consulting. We also offer web and graphic design services.

David Barrow Productions was started by David Barrow in 1988 for the purpose of providing live sound reinforcement for a popular local cover band, The Bizness. Since then David has steadily expanded both the equipment inventory and scope of the business to include a whole range of services supporting local bands, live musical and multimedia performances, clubs, area festivals, seminars, sports events, church events, etc.

In the last few years David Barrow Productions has expanded into the areas of web design, graphics design, digital photography and video. Any new technologies and techniques that can enhance or add to the services we offer are continuously being explored.

David Barrow has over 30 years of audio engineering experience and is also affiliated with numerous local audio and media professionals that are frequently tapped for their individual talents as well as for inclusion in teams assembled for specific events and projects. David Barrow Productions can supply just the right personnel and equipment to meet the requirements of your specific needs.

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