Synergistic Solutions

David Barrow Productions can provide "synergistic solutions" to your media and presentational needs. A couple of examples of this are the Austin, Texas cover bands, "The Newsboyz" and "The Sophisticates". David Barrow Productions provides live sound sytems and operators for these bands as well as an array of supportive services that enhances their overall presentation and marketing approach. David Barrow Productions was responsible for the design of these band's web sites, business cards and motion graphics videos that are projected at some shows. The graphic design, photography and general look and feel of all of these media channels are tied together in a cohesive way.

Live recordings made at these band's shows, using some of the same equipment used for the live sound systems, with the addition of high quality digital recording equipment, were used to generate MP3 song samples for the band web sites as well as demo recordings for talent agents and other promo material. Web site addresses for both bands were incorporated into the motion graphics videos and business cards. Also, some of this same material is shared directly with Talent Connection, an Austin talent agency and David Barrow Productions client. Every opportunity to provide a unified presentation and marketing approach can be utilized because of the comprehensive array of services provided by David Barrow Productions

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