David has been the foundation of our show. He is the most amazing professional I've ever worked with. His genius in capturing music. His ingenuity in designing unique solutions to sound issues. His courtesy and respect for artists.

David Barrow and I have been friends for over 40 years. On the surface it's easy to note that David has enough intellectual energy to power a small city. His curiosity about the workings of things is only matched by his ability to engage that information into his artistry.

One thing that has always stood out to me about David Barrow's's character IS his character.I would say that David invented the "Pay it forward" concept; as he embodied it with his actions way before Kevin Spacey ever thought about it..

Like his amazing eye for photography and ear for sound, I believe David Barrow was born with a benevolence and generosity of spirit that we should all aspire to. David Barrow has always paid it forward, without ever looking back.

Ben Livingston

I was very impressed with David's recording of our Speaker Series this past fall. I needed to have our presentations professionally recorded and did not have much time to secure a company. David's website was very helpful and easy to navigate. I contacted him with little advanced notice and he was able to explain how to best go about recording the sessions. With his recommendation, we hired him out to do the recording. I was not skilled enough, nor was the hotel equipped, to conduct the recording myself.

David spent the entire day recording my presentations in person. He did not contract out his work or leave the equipment to have me operate. This assured me that it was being done properly. Since the sessions were so important to 'capture', I felt confident that he would do a great job. David was able to edit the recordings while the presenters were speaking. This improved the quality and assured me that I would have to do very little editing afterwards. He handed me the recordings at the end of the day so that I could immediately take them back to my office.

David's availability, quality, experience and support gave me the confidence to focus on my other responsibilities for the program. If I ever conducted a program in Austin again, I would immediately contact him to use his services. Based on my experience, I highly recommend David to professionally record any of your events!


Joe Berry

Joe Berry
Director, Professional and Community Development

Thanks so much for your awesome contribution to the Peace March held at the Capitol in Austin. The supporters commented on the quality of the sound system. It was crisp and clean. I was the event organizer so I didn't have time to worry about anything else. You were very professional and reliable. I also sincerely appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond by taking pictures. The pictures were beautiful and they came in handy because CNN covered the March and the pictures you took made it to national television. I would recommend you in a heartbeat!


Sharida McKenzie

Sharida McKenzie - Muslim Peace March

Hello Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did with the sound system this past weekend. With all of the lifting, moving and multiple locations to set up, I really appreciate the amount of attention you devoted to making my presentations go off so well. People don't reallize how important the sound system is, until it is not working properly.

I hope that we are able to get the Chemistry Road Show scheduled at your kids school next year. Please have them contact me some time after June 1st. During the school year, I am only able to do presentations on Thursdays due to my teaching schedule. The sooner they can contact me, the more likely I can get them there first choice for a date.

Thanks again,


James D. Pennington, Ph.D.
Instructional Asst. Prof. & Research Associate
Chemistry Road Show Coordinator
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 30012
College Station, TX 77842-3012


Good Morning David-

I want to thank you for the terrific job you did for the Girl Scout Centennial Celebration. This was a very important day for us and you helped to insure that it went off without a hitch. I am so glad that you were there to take care of things for us! I'm sure we will be calling you again very soon.


Lolis Garcia-Baab
Director of Marketing and Communications
Girl Scouts of Central Texas
12012 Park Thirty-Five Circle, Austin, TX 78753

Thanks so much for being there! I was going to send a formal thank you note in the mail, but I can write a little here, too. :-)

David Barrow was an excellent choice for our wedding. Our guests commented on how good the music was, both the selections and the sound quality. We had a somewhat complicated scheme of iPod playlists and David was able to execute perfectly with only a few minutes of instruction. Also, to help us out, he was able to move the sound system from one area to another after the completion of the ceremony, and during the reception, the sound volume was perfect in the dinner area and a bit higher on the dance floor, which was great. He stayed the whole time and was attentive to our requests to fade out songs or skip to new selections. He was extremely professional, arrived on time, and definitely knows what he is doing; system setup must have taken only about 10 minutes after he got there. I would definitely recommend David to anyone considering an iPod wedding, and he would be an outstanding soundman to anyone thinking of hiring a band as well. We were completely satisfied with all David's services.

We were very impressed with everything you did and both agreed you were well worth the money. :-) Good luck and let me know if you ever need another endorsement in the future. Thanks for the pictures, too!

Sharon (Byers) Norman

hey David,

Just a quick note to thank you so much for the pics! I don't get a chance to tell you enough, but I really appreciate the great work you do, and the "extra" mile you always bring to any gig we work on.



Carl Thiel

Hello David,

It is difficult to put into mere words the experience the Del Catillo band and staff brought to LEXMTC. The level of Talent of Del castillo is awe inspiring. During the show I kept thinking " IS THIS REAL". You probably remember me looking over my shoulder giving you a big nod time and again. I was experiencing precisely what I dreamed LEXMTC to be. SHEAR EXCELLENCE!!!!! From the diverse high end talent of the band to the expertise you and the rest of the Del Catillo staff brought to LEXMTC I can only hope this scenario graces LEXMTC often. Really can't thank you enough!

Also, I deeply appreciate that you would take time to assist in furthering the capabilities of our House system. I regret not being able to talk more with you during your stay. I am fascinated with the mixing process and hope to gain as much expertise as needed to ensure the highest quality of concerts. You can be certain that your suggestions/ comments with be implemented and incorporated into LEXMTC as we continue on. Thanks again!

I will be keeping in touch.

Lisa and I really experienced a connection with all of you and look forward to meeting again!

I attribute a great deal of our success to the consistency and professionalism of David Barrow and David Barrow Productions. His sound reinforcement and live recording systems are the best in town and are constantly being improved to utilize new technologies. Sound volumes are always at appropriate levels and his mixes are excellent even in the toughest rooms. We have even incorporated David's incredible graphics and camera work into our live shows. I would recommend David Barrow Productions to anyone that cares about their presentation.
Jimmy Russell - The Newsboyz
David Barrow is easy to work with, highly professional, reasonably priced. He has high quality equipment available in several configurations appropriate for different sized events. I've known and worked with David for over 20 years.
Ronnie Dittmar - Guitarist for LC Rocks
David's knowledge and professionalism has always been a pleasure to work with. I utilized his PA services for almost a decade. Simply put, you'll not only get a dependable service but a professional attitude and a level of customer service that is dependable and doesn't offer excuses. David is also heavily responsible for the recording and mastering of my first CD, titled 'Real Vices'. Again, David is someone who is willing to work long hours and offer competent and solid recommendations as an engineer and is someone who you can count on.
Rik Avalos - Rik Avalos Band
Over the last seven years I have had the privilege of being able to utilize the many talents of David Barrow to further my efforts on many business fronts. As the regular sound technician for my band The Newsboyz, David has truly been instrumental in our success by providing professional equipment and expert ability in producing each one of our shows. We have also done several demos and studio recording projects over the years and have found his live knowledge and ability is certainly equaled in the studio. Lastly, David has designed and maintained two of my business web sites, both of which have drawn praise from many experts in the field. We have garnered tens of thousands of dollars in business from the many talents and abilities of David Barrow.
Dax Robertson - The Sophisticates
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